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#389 I’ve spent so much money on skins to just be like



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pro tip: just fucking watch pacific rim. who gives a shit about any other movie ever just fucking watch pacific rim for the rest of your natural life

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Given that flame-colored locks are a kind of calling card for Florence Welch, it’s hard to believe that she began life with what she calls “mousy brown hair”. Her epiphany came six years ago while supporting MGMT on their European tour. “We had been up all night and were wandering the streets of Paris midday, looking for this place called Rock Hair.” Welch says. “Then and there i decided to go bright red with fringe - I wanted to make myself almost an alien. I didn’t realize it would be the defining hair moment of my life.”

Florence for Vogue US August 2014wearing head-to-toe Lanvin

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Florence Welch for US Vogue, August 2014.

I literally thought this was a renaissance painting of some sort of biblical image at first sight

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